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Welcome to Hotel Stevenson!

All marketplaces present unique opportunities, and Stevenson, WA, in the Columbia Gorge Scenic Area, is no different. What works in one town will only sometimes work in another. Often the preferences (what people are looking for) change from one establishment to another, mere blocks apart. A venue on the main street where 90% of the foot traffic exists but struggles to draw in customers. Another is situated at the bottom of an old house in a cramped and dark space, and for some crazy reason, magic happens.

As a boutique hotel owner/operator, Terri Sauer said, "Requires an adventuresome outlook for the kind of experience customers desire. Then it's trial and error and keen observation that leads you to worthy offerings." Knowing your customer is more challenging than having a clear picture of their demographics, e.g., median age, income, education, occupation, etc. Becoming aware of your customer's needs is much more subtle, much more personal.

"We have discovered that our customers enjoy dining events such as Murder Mystery Dinners and Supper Clubs with music," said co-owner/operator Dave Sauer.  

March 5 2023

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