Andrew's Pizza - Stevenson, WA

Hours: Tues. to Sat. 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.           Price: $$

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Some of the scrumptious food you can get here include:
  • Simply cheese pizza
  • Chicken teriyaki pizza
  • Popeye's garden pizza
  • Cali-zone
  • Meat Stromboli
  • Green thumb salad
  • Balsamic chicken salad
  • Beef or cheese raviolis
  • Chicken wings


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Amazing pizza! Perfect crust, excellent sauce, good amount of toppings, and perfectly cooked. You get to watch them make your pizza and it is worth the wait and price.
Craig Reichel from Google Reviews
Great pizza and wings. Ordered ahead and food was warm when we arrived 5 star.
Bryce Davies from Google Reviews
Amazing pizza!!! They have such a great menu. Staff was friendly. Small outdoor seating area. We took it to go but enjoyed a delicious local cider while we waited. Definitely a must when in the area.
Mrstewart from TripAdvisor